Turn any screen recording into a step-by-step guide

Clueso captures screenshots and enhances your transcript to produce a how-to article in seconds

Here's what a Clueso guide looks like
Created from a screen-recording in under a minute
AI-written steps. Keeps formatting and tone consistent.
A contextual intro. Crafted by AI.
Automatic screenshots for each step. Zoomed-in too!
Rich formatting options. Style your guide as you like.

Video→article in seconds

Record any feature flow with the chrome extension. Get a how-to guide instantly.

Crafted by AI

Every step is professionally crafted by AI. Get an intro and outro paragraph too.

No more manual screenshots

Screenshots are captured automatically, and auto-zoomed in too.

Code snippets

Easily add code snippets for API or integration docs.

Collaborate with your team

Work with your team and review drafts before publishing.

Export your content

Publish directly to your Clueso-created help center or export for universal use.