Your videos and articles, in your app.

Never leave users hanging. Serve contextual help from right within your product.

Embeddable help widget

Embed your help center as an in-app widget. Customize to match your branding.

Seamless chat integration

Integrates with your existing chat and ticketing services for streamlined customer support.

Feature Announcements

Boost adoption rates by announcing new features and guiding users through them.

Intelligent AI search

Provide users with the most relevant guide suggestions based on their queries.

Info buttons

Explain features and use-cases within the app. Add info buttons to show users specific videos or articles.

Video onboarding

Create videos to show users how to get started on your product. Serve on sign up.

Set up in under 2 minutes

  • Build your widget
  • Copy the embed code.
  • Paste in your website header.